The Motoruino is a board based on the Arduino platform, it is designed to work with motors, servos and sensors.



29€ disassembled
39€ assembled and tested

(excl. VAT)

Motoruino most important features:

  • easy to use, understand, play with
  • plug-and-roll board
  • compatible with Arduino Diecimilla/Duemillanove and Shields
  • one H-Bridge (L293D) allows you to control 2 dc motors
  • the usage of the H-Bridge is open, i.e., there aren’t any Arduino output pins assigned, the user can use the H-Bridge the way he/she wants
  • two jumpers allow the motors power supply and the PWM pins to be either connected to the external supply (Vin) or regulated 5 volts
  • motors have 3 different connectors, screw terminals, male headers, JST connectors
  • servos and sensors can be easily plugged in due to dedicated power and ground headers on each pin
  • two possible FTDI/USB connections available:USB / TTL convertor, there are some choices on the market for this one, you can have it in the form of a cable, or in the form of a small pcb or using a USB adaptor with the FTDI chip embedded

All other specifications are similar to the Arduino Diecimila boards, and you may use both ATmega 168 or 328 chips

Motoruino in action:

Motoruino pcb and schematic for your reference:

Motoruino PCB source files