About the Motoruino

For whom is the Motoruino?

What do I need to assemble the Motoruino?

What’s included on the kit?

Hardware description

Connection to the computer

How much does it cost?

What if I don’t have the tools, of if I don’t have the required skills and abilities to assemble the board?

Where to buy?

About the MotoruinoThe Motoruino board was specially designed to control motors, servos and sensors with ease.

We added 3 pin terminals to easily connect servos and sensors.

With the HBridge L293D, you can connect and work with two DC motors, with 0.6 Amp per channel.

For whom is the Motoruino?This kit is aimed at people of all ages and areas of interest. It is oriented for people who want to learn electronics, mechanics, programming, and invent new cool things.
What do I need to assemble the Motoruino?You will need an iron solder, solder and some tape to fix the components in place before soldering.

Pay extra attention in order not to misplace any component.

The Motoruino kit includes:1 Motoruino pcb

4 x 220 oHm to 1K resistors

5 x 10K resistors

4 x 3mm leds

1 x diode

1 x 16 mhz cristal

2 x 2.2 pF capacitors

4 x 100 nF capacitors

3 x 100 uF capacitors

1 x button

1 x voltage regulator 7805

1 x 500mA termal fuse

1 x 28 pin socket

1 x 16 pin socket

2 x 6 pin female headers

2 x 8 pins female headers

3 x screw terminals

5 x 6pins angled male pins

1 ATmega 328

1 L293D

3 x pitch jumpers

NOTE: the 3 pitch jumpers are missing on this photo

Hardware description:Besides the lack of the usb connection (you will need a TTL-USB converter described below), the Motoruino is 100% compatible with the Arduino Diecimila, including the pin position, so you can attach any compatible arduino Shield.

You can check all the Diecimila details here: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardDiecimila

Connection to the computer:To connect the Motoruino to the computer you can choose between several USB-TTL interfaces or the MM232R. Alternative DIY (do it yourself) FTDI interface:


How much does it cost?Motoruino pcb = 9€

Kit Motoruino (pcb + components) = 29€

(prices without VAT)

Can I buy an assembled Motoruino?Motoruino fully assembled and tested will cost 45€ (+VAT).

Where to buy?Check our distributors page.


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